Terms and limitations

* To offer you full reliance, we hold a 24 hours watch assisted by several guards inside the parking lot and the rest of the building. Other situations beyond our control are considered unpredictable acts of God, and therefore the management can not be liable of any responsibility. The Plaza Peñasco Hotel management Does offer assistance to it's guests in case of a disaster, car damage or property loss. Please use our phone guide available at this website, it contains phone numbers and links to other services and organizations you may need while staying in Rocky Point.

* The guest is responsible for the use or misuse of the room key, it shall be kept in a safe place with the rest of your important belongings. The Plaza Peñasco management is not responsible for any money or property loss. In case of robbery please call the office for assistance. Also you may use our phone guide to reach the police department for legal assistance.

* You are not allowed to bring in any kind hazardous materials inside the building or parking lot area.

Terms of Service

* You may bring as many as three children under the age of fourteen with you inside your room. Minors under the age of eighteen can register for service with the parents permission or the use of an identification card.

* Minors under the age of fourteen are free of charge as long as they are accompanied by an adult person.

* No pets are allowed inside the Plaza Peñasco hotel building, the pool area or parking lot.

* No loud music is allowed to be played inside the building after 9:00 PM.


* We're not responsible for non paid reservations.

Other limitations may apply.

Pool and miny splash pool rules

* No shoes and formal clothing are allowed inside the pool.
* Miny splash access to small children only (We advice you to use a floating device)
* Wear shorts and bathing suits only.
* Please keep an eye on your small children.

Follow these precautions and rules and your stay at the Plaza Peñasco Hotel will be the most exciting and pleasurable time you have had in Rocky Point. Enjoy your stay.

The Plaza Peñasco Hotel management team.